Aye Mere Pyare Watan

  • Title: Aye Mere Pyare Watan
  • Genre: Patriotic
  • Language: Hindi
  • Theme: Bollywood
  • Length: 5:03 minutes (4.63 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

ऐ मेरे प्यारे वतन ऐ मेरे बिछड़े चमन तुझ पे दिल कुर्बान।
तू ही मेरी आरजू तू ही मेरी आबरू तू ही मेरी जान ॥धृ॥

तेरे दामन से जो आये उन हवा-ओंको सलाम
चूम् लूँ मैं उस ज़ुबाँ को जिसपे आये तेरा नाम
सबसे प्यारी सुबह तेरी सबसे रंगीं तेरी शाम
तुझपे दिल् कुर्बान ॥१॥

माँ का दिल बनके कभी सीने से लग जाता है तू
और कभी नन्ही सी बेटी बन के याद आता है तू
जितना याद आता है मुझको उतना तड़पाता है तू
तुझ पे दिल कुर्बान॥२॥

छोड़ कर तेरी ज़मींको दूर आ पहुंचे हैं हम
फिर भी है येही तमन्ना तेरे जर्रों की कसम
हम जहां पैदा हुये उस जगह ही निकले दम
तुझ पे दिल कुर्बान ॥३॥

ai mere pyāre vatana ai mere bichaṛe camana tujha pe dila kurbāna |
tū hī merī ārajū tū hī merī ābarū tū hī merī jāna ||dhṛ||

tere dāmana se jo āye una havā-oṁko salāma
cūm lū maiṁ usa zubā ko jisape āye terā nāma
sabase pyārī subaha terī sabase raṁgīṁ terī śāma
tujhape dil kurbāna ||1||

mā kā dila banake kabhī sīne se laga jātā hai tū
aura kabhī nanhī sī beṭī bana ke yāda ātā hai tū
jitanā yāda ātā hai mujhako utanā taṛapātā hai tū
tujha pe dila kurbāna ||2||

choṛa kara terī zamīṁko dūra ā pahuṁce haiṁ hama
phira bhī hai yehī tamannā tere jarroṁ kī kasama
hama jahāṁ paidā huye usa jagaha hī nikale dama
tujha pe dila kurbāna ||3||

this song is so beautiful that i always listen this song in mng

It is a great song . I love this . Thanx for it .

iam speech less listening to this song i salute my mother india

Prades ho . . . . Shaam ka waqt ho . . . . tanhai ho . . . . dheemi dheemi hawa chal rahi ho . . . . Ghar ki aur peechhay-chhootay watan ki yaad aa rahi ho . . . . . . to dekhna ki aap apnay galay mein padi gaanth ko kaisay khol sako gay, aur apnay ansoo kaisay rok pao gay . . . Likhnay waalay, compose karne waalay, gaanay waalay, aur Kabuliwala movie mein iss geet ko shaamil karne waalay, qirdaar nibhanay waalay . . . har iq shaksh ne kamaal kar diya hai ...... Kamaal!!!

i like this song soo....much & i have lot of thanks to geeth ganga.org

Truly touching and inspiring song..... deeply rooted in our motherland. Salute to the composer for spreading a message of unity, peace, integrity and love. Such songs can only be composed and sung to the hearts of million Hindustanies. 9810412428

A Wonderful song. Salute to the Singer lyricist and Music Composer............One of the greatest songs ever. Very touching emotional and patriotic Song. I am just speechless.

my eyes are full of tears

One side composing and other side singing of this song was realy a miraculous and extraordinary one. This song fills the petriotism not only in the hearts of Indians but in the whole world.

song which come from heart.
Thanks for great site

Ashok Patel

its a beautiful song

this is a song which is a symbol of unity, peace, integrity and love. we should inspire with this song and try to adopt the massage which it is giving to us.

i owe a treat to u... thank u for providing such a wonderful song

very boring

Fuck you! FUCK FACE! its not boring!!!!

The best song I have ever heard..FULL OF TEARS AND FULL OF PATRIOTISM

my eyes are full of tears

one of best classical of Manna De.It really touches my heart.A must for all patriotic music lovers.


ye git sunkar mere badan ke rongte khade ho jate he.or mujhe garv hota he ki mai hindustani hu.sach mano to is git ko sunkar mujhe bes ke liye kuch aisa karne ka man karta he jisse mere des bharat ka or v uncha kd sthapit ho or hamare des ke wasi apne watan se khub pyar kare.jai hind mai apne des ke liye sabkuch kr sakta hu.

i salute ur feelings................really

itna he kahunga ऐ मेरे प्यारे वतन ऐ मेरे बिछड़े चमन तुझ पे दिल(sab kuch kurban) कुर्बान।

this song is too heart touching and i really like this. I proud to be an indian . I love my country .

Best song ever composed on this planet !...

Har Hindustanike Dil Ki Aawaj.................

what a great song. It make me feel very proud to be an Indian.

Great song of Manna Day...What a lyric and the tune...Fantastic!!....

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Beautiful song of our indian nation

i love this song since my chilhood but today i find it , it is very emotional patriotic as well as great song, it desplay our respect and our love toward our nation. jay hind

I have been searching to play this song for my Mother.
Thanks for helping me to make her happy.

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