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If you think, we are missing any good inspiring geets on this website, please let us know using the form below. If you have the links to that geet or lyrics of that song, let us know too.

This website is an attempt to bring together people with like minded interests in patriotic and inspirational geets.

I will respond to your comments through e-mail, to the best of our abilities.

In addition, if you have any geets that you can share with others, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Jai Shree Ram ,
Respected sreeman can you please provide me "Darte nahee kisi se ,Hindu kahaane wale" (a sort of Qwalli).I will be thankful to you.

please upload a song from malayalam ganageetham starting as "Namaskaripu Bharatham ange"


Jai Shree Ram,

I would like to have the audio for "Manasa satatam Smaraneeyam"

Thank you

Hi all,

I would like to have the song " Cheyi cheyi kalupdam " (Telugu) song.
Kudos to the moderators for the website. Thanks a lot!

Jai shree Ram !!

I request u to plz post some oriya songs.

Jai shree Ram !!

Please post some oriya songs.

Chalo Jalaye Deep Vahan

Its not on this site yet.
The Hindi and Transliteration are on the HSS site.
Can you add the English Meaning when adding it to this site?

i am looking for saraswati shishu mandir's saraswati vandana. both in sanskrit "ya kunde tu t saar haar dhawala" or in hindi " he hans wahini gyan dayni"
if u hav plz mail me as soon as possible.
bharat mata ki jai

Song of Haryanvi film Chandrawal ...jhana jhan baaje bijna

Dear Sir,

There are more songs let me say

1)Itani Shakti Humein Dena Data, Man Ka Vishas Na Kamzoor Hona.

2)Tumhi Ho mata, Pita tumhi Ho, Tumhi Ho Bandu Sakha Tumhi Ho.

3)Sukh ke Sab sathi, Dukh Ke na Koieee

4)Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena, Man Vijay Kareeee.

5)Ayee Malik tere Bande Hum, Aise ho Humare Karam.

I hope these are the very good songs to get peace to our mind.

Please kindly post these songs for Download.

Jai Ramji Ki

me available at

I required one super Malayalam song "Sanga Sangam ore japam hridaya thudippukalavanam".

Aba Jaag Utho i would love it if u guys could put Aba Jaag Utho. thank you

I would really love to see the song Manasaa Satatam Smarneeyam. You have it listed on your site but you have the wrong song.

Please post song "Loo Shradhanjali Rastrapurush" sung by Shree. Sudhir Phadke.


i was looking for kannada song-"Dawala Himada giriya Mele, Aruna Dwajava Harisi"...

Namaste, this is a very good site. I found 'aye mere pyare watan' with very good sound quality. Thanks for the effort.
You could include shaastriya raga sangeet to be heard as per time of day.
A very nice happy method, well done.

It would be nice to have Vande mataram sung by Lata Mangeshkar in movie Anand Math.
The site is wonderful.

I am looking for:

Jis din ved ke mantron se dharti ko sajaya jayege us din mere geeton ka tyohaar manaya jayega.

Please provide

if you have been gotten this song:

Jis din ved ke mantron se dharti ko sajaya jayege us din mere geeton ka tyohaar manaya jayega.

Please provide

i would like to see "Sangha sangha-more japam ... hridayathudippukalakanam... Sanghamavanam ente jeevithum enthu dhaniamithilparam" in the playing list.



Does anyone have the Kannada song that goes something like "Yodhara..".

Please upload if u have the song.


Namasthe ,

Great site ....Thanks a lot for the songs..can you please upload some "sanchalana geet"

Jai shree ram,Can you please uplaod the song "Bharat pyara desh hamara tan man is par warenge..."

I have heard this song in "Archana" audio cessete , long years back

main mayank saraswati shishu mandir ka vidyarthi rah chuka hoon aur apne vidyalya ki RSS SHAKHA main bhi rah chuka hoon

kya aap mujhe "pratah smaran" aur "sarawati vandana" ki mp3 bhej sakate hai.

jai shree ram
bharat mata ki jai

pl send me geet chir vijay ki kamna hai

Can I get pratah RSS

Anybody has tamil songs uploaded?

Namaskar , can you please upload the "EKATMATA MANTRA(Yamvaidika mantra drusah purana...).

can i have the "ekatmata mantra" please
thanks in advance

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