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If you think, we are missing any good inspiring geets on this website, please let us know using the form below. If you have the links to that geet or lyrics of that song, let us know too.

This website is an attempt to bring together people with like minded interests in patriotic and inspirational geets.

I will respond to your comments through e-mail, to the best of our abilities.

In addition, if you have any geets that you can share with others, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Panchjanya vijay ghosh dharma ka kare......
Garjhana..... Garjhana..... Garjhana....

Send me this song

fsgrehaez hjsr hr

Send me on whatsapp no 8793787812


भारती माँ के उपासक, मातृ मन्दिर के पुजारी। ki audio bhejne ka kast kare

pleez send audio song "भारती माँ के उपासक, मातृ मन्दिर के पुजारी"

I want the geey -- Bharti ma ke upasak...

i need aganda bharatha smithi im malayalam ... which is required to show my fellow youth how precious our matherland is .. please help me

Koinee pase aa geet audio ma hoy to please halave

Shrimad bhagvadgita aadhyay 15

i need our ganageet 'dheerkha sushuptiye dhooreyakatti'
plss add this ganageet too

Bharti maa ke upasak matru mandir ke pujaari kar rahe maa ko samarpit sangathan ki sakti saari.........................Srimaam Ess geet ka link dein.....

Nmskr ji
Mere paas iss geet ki audio hai.

Mujhe send kar do ye geet whatsapp pe.
9829922240 num h. Whatsapp k

please send m at 9811451582

plz send me audio of bharti ma ke upasak matri mandir ke pujari

Su tame mane aa geet no audio halavsho ??
Mo. No. 972797 6607 ( whats aap muksho to chalse )
email id ;

yr to hume bhi send kar dijiye audio h to

plz is email pe


bharti maa ke upasak matra mandir ke pujari

please yah geet bhej dijiye

Pls share Marathi geet .. Hindutvachya Abhimanane navin yug sakar karu....

Send Me....Aaj punha Talwar bhavni Myanatun Nighali

भारती मां के उपासक,मात्रि मन्दिर के पुजारी

Sir kya ye geet muze send karenge

search on youtube nirvana shatkam featuring smita

किसी के पास "जय भवानी जय शिवराय" का ऑडियो है तो भेजे

Thyaga DManthiiram tharamaghi latshiya vazhvu....PLEASE SEND THIS SONG

Bharti maa ke upasak matru mandir ke pujaari kar rahe maa ko samarpit sangathan ki sakti saari

हम विजय की और बढ़ते जा रहे हैं संगठन का भाव

Please send garud puran audio in marathi.

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