Punitha Nannalil Indru Poojai Seigirom

  • Title: Punitha Nannalil Indru Poojai Seigirom
  • Genre: Other
  • Language: Tamil
  • Length: 5:54 minutes (5.4 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
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I need this song lyrics please send to my mail quickly



i like this song very much..plz send it to me...

Namaste......I am Prakash swayamsevak from kerala

Punitha nannalil indru poojai seygirom,
Poojayagira nalla malargalaagirom,
Intha naalvarai naan thanthathorpanam, Guruve
Unthan paathathil indru naane arpanam.

Jaya jaya Bagavaa - Guruve - jaya jaya Bagavaa
Jaya jaya Bagavaa - Kodiye - Jaya jaya Bagavaa

Endru thondrinai enave kooravum iyalaa,
Thonmai vaainthavaa Guruve thozhuthezhugindrom
Entha naalum unthan pugazh Ongi uyarnthida - Guruve Unthan pathathil indru naane arpanam
(Jaya jaya Bagava)

Thyaagathin uru nee, Guruve thooimayin uru nee,
Dharmam kaakkum poril satshi aagi nindravanum nee,
Dharmam kaakkave naangal aNithirandullom - athanaal Unthan paathathil indru naane arpanam.
(Jaya jaya Bagava)

Kuruthi sinthiye viduthalai kOttai kattinaar- antha
KOttai uchiyil azhagaai unnai naattinaar
Uruthi kondom ulagarangil unnai uyarthida - athanaal unthan paathathil indru naane arpanam
(Jaya jaya Bagava)

Selvathai thanthen udalin uzhaippinai thanthen,
thiramai kazhamai kondunakke arpanam seythen,
Enna thanthapothum manam amaithiyatrathaal - Guruve unthan paathathil indru naane arpanam.
(Jaya jaya Bagava )

I would like any tamil swayamsevak to go through the lyrics and please correct if
there is any mistake

i am Jithin From Kerala
Pls Follow Me On facebook And Orkut
On jithinr09@gmail.com

I am a swayamsevak from kerala, would you pls post the lyrics Punithanannalil


Punitha Nannalil - this songs with many other patroitic songs should be produced enmass
and made available in the market . What a soul stirring, inspiring, catchy, perennial song.
It should be played in all temples and houses and in all functions. If RSS undertakes that
I will my part.

Dear comrades, Namaste!!!

It was so nice to hear this beautiful song after a long time. I used to sing this song with a corrupted lyrics in Sakha several years ago.

I have requested one of my Tamil friends to listen and write down the lyrics and she has kindly agreed to volunteer the task. I will post it here once I get it done.

Kind regards,

S. Vijayakumar, Velloothuruthy, Kottayam

Please post the lyrics of the son Punitha Nannalil

Please post the lyrics of the son Punitha Nannalil ...

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Thirty years ago I was singing this song with L Ganesan in Madurai.
Thanks for bringing the memory of those sweet old days back.

mr swaminathan where you are now?
please give yr email id to chat directly
i am from madurai / retired AGM/BSNL
now madurai vibhag karyavagh

Dear Swami Sir,

I am a swayamsevak from kerala .. i liked this song very much ... would you please post the lyrics

Dear Anoop,
I will either post the lyrics here or scrap it to you.

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