Chandan Hai Is Desh Ki Mati 1

  • Title: Chandan Hai Is Desh Ki Mati 1
  • Genre: Patriotic
  • Language: Hindi
  • Length: 4:14 minutes (2.91 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

चंदन है इस देश की माटी तपोभूमि हर ग्राम है
हर बाला देवी की प्रतिमा बच्चा बच्चा राम है || ध्रु ||

हर शरीर मंदिर सा पावन हर मानव उपकारी है
जहॉं सिंह बन गये खिलौने गाय जहॉं मॉं प्यारी है
जहॉं सवेरा शंख बजाता लोरी गाती शाम है || 1 ||

जहॉं कर्म से भाग्य बदलता श्रम निष्ठा कल्याणी है
त्याग और तप की गाथाऍं गाती कवि की वाणी है
ज्ञान जहॉं का गंगाजल सा निर्मल है अविराम है || 2 ||

जिस के सैनिक समरभूमि मे गाया करते गीता है
जहॉं खेत मे हल के नीचे खेला करती सीता है
जीवन का आदर्श जहॉं पर परमेश्वर का धाम है || 3 ||

chandan hai is desh kee maaTee, tapo bhoomi har graam hai
har baalaa devee kee pratimaa, bacchaa bacchaa raam hai

har shareer mandir saa paavan, har maanav upkaari hai
jahaan siňha ban gaye khilaune, gaay jahaaň maa pyaari hai
jahaaň savera shankh bajaataa, loree gaatee shaam hai

jahaaň karma se bhaagya badaltaa shrama nishThaa kalyaaNee hai
tyaag aur tap kee gaathaayeň, gaatee kavi kee vaanee hai
gnyaan jahaaň kaa gangaa jal saa, nirmal hai aviraam hai

jis ke sainik samar-bhoomi me, gaayaa karate geetaa hai
jahaaň khet me hal ke neeche, khelaa karati seetaa hai
jeevan kaa aadarsh jahaaň par, parameshvar kaa dhaam hai

The soil of this country (Bhaarat) is like ‘chandan’, each village a ‘land of penance’. Each girl is an image of a Devi while each boy is ‘Ram’.

Each body is like a sacred mandir, every person benevolent, where lions became toys (the story of the little prince Bharat, who out of curiosity dared to open the jaw of a lion to count the teeth) and a cow is worshipped as a beloved mother. Here, dawn blows the ‘shankh’ every morning and dusk sings lullaby every evening.

Where one’s fortune is shaped through one’s actions, dedication to work is one’s sacred duty. Where the poets sing the saga of sacrifice and penance. The knowledge and wisdom of this land is like the water of Ganga - pure and perennial.
Whose soldiers chant the holy Bhagavad Geeta in the battlefield. Where, in a field, Seeta was found playing under a plough. Where the goal of human life is nothing less than God-realisation.

Thank! for your addition bcaz you know about this poem .

thanks bro......

Bharath mata is in it self all inspiration for one who needs to re-dedicate for the cause of the motherland come what may, as it has transcendentalism in its appeal...this song is great


It's an excellent song, which explains of greatness about our Nation. I have learned this song in Sri Vidyaranya Awaasa Maha Vidhyalayam- Sharada Dhamam school,Hyderabad. This song gives us a feeling of pride for being as an Indian.

Professional Social Worker & Special Educator

Hello sir , This poem is written by Dr. Chandrakant Bharadwaj . You can visit his blog to attain more information :

it's not right mam n i m nt agree wid u.this poem is written by dr. hargovind singh.

hello ma'am , " Late Dr. Hargovind Singh ( former H.O.D., B.N.P.G. college, rath, hamirpur (u.p.) composed this not Dr. Chandrakant Bharadwaj .

This is excellent patriotic song.

Excellent song
I like this song very much and i hope there will be more songs which can entertain us.

this song ( chandan hai is desh ki mati) is composed by late Dr. Hargovind Singh ( 1935-1991) former H.O.D. Hindi department, B.N.P.G. College, Rath, Hamirpur, U.P.

hindi may ever green song

Nice Song.

this song is realy nice.......... i like it.

nice song...
it raises the feeling of patriotism

I used to sing this song all the time in my childhood. At family functions or town meeting or even in schools and temples. I love it.

can anyone please quote down the complete lyrics of old malayalam muttassi song od Bhagavaan Krishna

"Kaayalin akkare pokaan enikkoru kalivallam-undaayirunnu pandoru kalivallam-undaayirunnu, kalivallam melle thuzhanju tharaanoru muthassi-undayirunnu.."

this is a drama song. Ithinte ganam ente mobileil undu

Did u get the song.Pls get me the lyrics of the song "Kaayalinakkare pokanenikkoru kalivallam undayirunnu".My dady loves this song

this song is very good and this song create our desh,culture is vrey good, and this song inspaier our desh bhakti. jaytu hindurashtram

a gana maine 3rd class me hai jab gaaya tha, its since 1985

This song is very very good.I got lot of energy for do sangh karya from this song.


its an excellent song, I heard this song in 6th standerd. Thanks for providing these songs. Please translate in kannada language. I am karnataka state.


This song is really good and gives sence for real hindu nation

This was the song i heard when i was in 7th grade during ganesh really inspired me lot.Since than i never looked back went ahead working with RSS ideologies and the vision of making our land a Hindu rastra.Me in NY still i listen this song very often.I really feel pain during our festival like ganesh & all we play film songs.Instead if we can play such patriotic songs the younger generation would definetly be motivated.

It reminded me of my school days. We used to have many prayers and songs like this. Realy a lovely song.

I sing this for balvihar for the Ekal Vidyala Program.

Great song love it.

It reminded me of my school days. Really a lovely song. Was actually singing while reading it here.

do u hav the link to download this song...

I luv it...

I remember winning my school competation when i happen to sing this on stage...

Sweet memories...

Pls let me know///

Thanks in advance

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