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Lyrics are coming to GeetGanga

Thanks to the generous donation of visitors to our Geet Ganga website, we will soon provide lyrics to almost all of the Hindi and Marathi songs.

Stay tune ... :) We will be uploading them in next few weeks.

9 New Oriya Geets

Please find the following latest update to our website.

We are growing very rapidly. Now we get nearly 250 visits everyday from people all around the word.

New Oriya songs.

Sangha Shakti
Sagar Ja Pada
Shri Ram Dhanush Tankar
Mati Amar
Hindu Yubak
Ek Desh Ek Jati
Ek Aam Puja
Ae Mati Muthak
Ae Maati Mor Sarag

Which langauge is the geet "Keshav Thara"?

I am having trouble figuring out the language for Keshav Thara geet.

Someone told me that it is not Malayalam but maybe Marathi. However, I confirmed that it is not Marathi either.

Could you please help me out here? Just post your suggestion in the comment section.