Which langauge is the geet "Keshav Thara"?

I am having trouble figuring out the language for Keshav Thara geet.

Someone told me that it is not Malayalam but maybe Marathi. However, I confirmed that it is not Marathi either.

Could you please help me out here? Just post your suggestion in the comment section.

it was a marwari(rajashthani)song..
im from barmer Rajashthan

bhai kisik pass tumne sota desh jagaya song ka audio he

keshav sanghrupi kalpvrusha lavile marathi song

keshav thara geet maarvadi geet hai,kya me shi hun?

shi ho ji

pls add this geet
prema manath kaho rama rama ram

are mara bhai it's "gujrati"

it is in

mujhe ye geet hindi me chahiye
jai hind

i think its sanskrit

i think a rajasthani geet

i think its gujarati

this song is in marwari language]

This geet was our monthly shakha geet in last month. According to me , this geet is in RAJASTHANI language.

Thanks .. I have changed the language to Marwari for now.

this geet is basically in marwadi. thara means your in marwadi. thus song means indians cant 4gt the workings of keshav

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