Hindu Jage To Vishva Jage

  • Title: Hindu Jage To Vishva Jage
  • Genre: Hinduism
  • Language: Hindi
  • Length: 2:14 minutes (2.04 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

hindu jage to vishva jage, aur svaabhimaan sankalp jage
satya dharma ki viajaya sunishchit, roma roma huunkaar jage ||

svarNima yuga itihaas jage, nija gaurava vishvaas jage
shaashvat jeevan maulya pratishTit, dhartii aur aakaash jage
bandhu bandhu me pyaar jage, ek lahuu kii dhaar jage
ek dharma hai ek sanskriti, ek bhaav sanskaar jage || 1 ||

vyakti vyakti me raam jage, niiti nipuNa ghan shyaam jage
paavana bhaavana dharma preraNaa, jyoti punja aviraam jage
asura maatra kaa kaal jage, raNa chaNDii vikaraal jage
shankara bana pralayankar naache, Damaruu taaNDav tall jage || 2 ||

If Hindus are able to rise, the nation is able to rise and self respect will rise,
True righteousness will be victorious for sure and people will cry in joy.

A golden era shall begin, trust in self respect will rise,
The earth and sky will rise with eternal and dignified livelihood,
There will be love among people, one bond among all will rise,
There is only kind of righteousness, one emotional sacrament will rise(1)

Goodness will rise in each person, discipline and skill will arise in all,
Inspired by the holy righteousness, the great pious man will arise,
But when the demons start howling and the war goddess rises,
Shankar(god) will destroy all the evil and his dance will calm everyone(2)

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