Ho Jao Tayyar Sathiyo-हो जाओ तय्यार साथियों

  • Title: Ho Jao taiyaar saathiyo
  • Genre: Patriotic
  • Language: Hindi
  • Length: 3:46 minutes (3.45 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

हो जाओ तय्यार साथियों, हो जाओ तय्यार ||

अर्पिता कर दो तन-मन-धन, मांग रहा बलिदान वतन
अगर देश के काम न आए तो जीवन बेकार || १ ||

सोचने का समय गया, उठो लिखो इतिहास नया
बंसी फेंको और उठा लो हाथो में तलवार || २ ||

तूफानी गति रुके नही, शीश कटे पर झुके नही
ताने हुए माथे के सम्मुख ठहर न पाती हार || ३ ||

काँप उठे धरती अम्बर, और उठा लो ऊंचा स्वर
कोटि कोटि कंठों से गूंजे धरम की जे जयकार || ४

ho jaao tayyaar saathiyoň, ho jaao tayyaar ||

arpita kar do tan-man-dhan, maang rahaa balidaan vatan
agar desh ke kaam na aaye to jeevan bekaar || 1 ||

sochane kaa samay gayaa, uTho likho itihaas nayaa
bansee pheňko aur uThaa lo haatho me talvaar || 2 ||

toofaanee gati ruke nahee, sheesh kaTe par jhuke nahee
tane huye maathe ke sammukha Thahar na paatee haar || 3 ||

kaaňp uthe dharati ambar, aur uThaa lo oonchaa svar
koTi koTi kanThoň se goonje dharam kee jay jaykaar || 4

Get ready, O friends! Get ready!

Offer your body, mind and wealth for the needs of the nation, which would otherwise be a life wasted

This is no time to think. Arise, awake and write a new chapter in history. If needed, be prepared to throw away the flute and carry the sword.

The storm of troubles will not stop, but we rather have our head chopped off than bow down. Get up and face the challenge head on and defeat will run away.

The Earth and heavens shall tremble. Raise our voice and sing loud. Let the roar of “Victory to Dharma” come from millions of voices.

Good lyrics and nice music.

This is an energetic song. I like such songs.

ye bahut hi accha song h

GEET ache hai

bahot achha aur krantidayee deshbhakti geet, mujhe bahot pyara laga.

include more non filim patriotic song

its very good website from where we got patriotic, religious and social songs on one plateform

i am a rss sayam sayak. Bhagat Singh Shakha sahibabad u.p
mujha rashtriya geet kavita apane e-mail id par chaheya

i can,t download this file help me

thanks a lot for putting this song on web. i am using this song in conference. to cheer up my team

not able to see the lyrics and not able to download the geet

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