Mai Jag Me Sangha Basaun

  • Title: Mai Jag Me Sangha Basaun
  • Genre: Shakha
  • Language: Hindi
  • Length: 6:10 minutes (4.24 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

Mai Jag Men Sangh Basaaoon Mai Jeevan Ko Bisaraaoon

Tyaag Tapasyaa Kee Jwaalaa Se Antar Deep Jalaaoon
Hrittantree Ke Taar Taar Se Sneh Sudhaa Barasaaoon
Mai Jeevan Jyoti Jagaaoon …Main Jag

Sookh Rahee Jag Kee Phulawaardee Prem Neer Barasaaoon
Janma Bhoomi Men Chir Gaurav Kee Latikaa Ko Sarasaaoon
Mai Kesariyaa Phaharaaoon …Main Jag

Bindu Bindu Phir Nirjharanee Ke Gaayan Men Mil Jaaoon
Raashtra Prem Ke Mahaa Udadhi Men Sarabas Kho Mil Jaaoon
Mai Laharon Men Laharaaoon …Main Jag

I should forget about my individual life.I will create sangh in the world,
From sacrifice and immense penance I should light my inner soul,
From a cardiologist’s tools, I should spread love in all hearts,
I should light my life’s light. I will create sangh in the world.

The world’s flower garden has become dry, so I should water it with my love,
I will spread my vine of spread across the entirety of my motherland,
I will fly the saffron flag across the nation. I will create sangh in the world.

From one point to another, again and again, I will sing the song of the dead,
I will connect with the period of love for the nation,
I will swim the waves of love. I will create sangh in the world.

Mai jag me sangh basau

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