Parama Pavitra

  • Title: Parama Pavitra
  • Genre: Other
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Length: 4:15 minutes (3.89 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
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please forward RSS msg to me my ID is [email protected].

Jai Jai RSS

Vanada mataram ................

i love RSS

Jai Sriram....Jai Hindu

Bolo Barath mathakeeee... JAYYY...

Vande Matharam to All Swayam sevak

jay Hindh

I am swayamsevak from kannur. This is beatiful song and it is giving nostalgia to me.

Very good song

i,m swayam sevakh of Puthur sakha as a Balswayamsevak in my sakha i sung this thanx 4 a give me a nostalgia

we make all indians proudto be an indian......

i am so proud to be a swayamsevak, i am from vadavannur,palakkad,now in singapore.

I am so proud to be a swayam sewak, I was the member in Peravoor shaka.Now i am in mumbai

Jai Bharat mata

I am so proud to be a swayam sewak. Kanyakumari jilla, Vilavancode taluk.


Humara Bharath Mahan!

i am so proud to be a swayamsewak .i was the mukhya shishak of pannur, kannur. i am now in London but i still a swayam sewak.

jai bharth mata

jai bharth matha

bharat mata ki jai
iam from pattambi

NAMASTHE Iam produe of iam A Swayamsevak.iam now in Muscat.but iam still a swayam sevak

thanks, gr8 idea.
good quality files


gr8 work... am so proud to b a swayam sewak... BHARAT MATHA KI JAI


i am feeling very proud to open this site..i was the mukhyashishak of valiyakaavu i am i ernakulam but following the sangh beliefs..



I am so proud to be a swayam sewak, I was the member in Mattanur Shakha ,Mattanur Taluk, Kannur Jilla, Kerala Pranth. Iam working Gujarat, a private firm.
RSS theme is inspired in my life.

I'm So proud to be a swayam sevak. I was the member in mattanur Shaka, Mattanur Taluk, Kannur Jilla.Kerala Pranth.I am worked in Gujrat. Modi is one of the great chief minister .

Jai Bharat mata


this is very good website today i found this website i am a swayam sevak now i am living in saudi arabia but now i am verry happy
because i can hear patriotic songs from hear


Akhanda bharat amar rahe

jai shivaji................................

I'm so proud to be a swayam sewak.I was the mukhya shikshak of manathana sakha,peravoor taluk,kannur jilla,kerala pranth,dhakshina kshetra.I,m familiar with this song so no need for a contains all my spirites

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