Pavana Bharathame

  • Title: Pavana Bharathame
  • Genre: Other
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Length: 3:47 minutes (2.6 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)
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A very nice song. I think it is in the 'Sivaranjini ragam'. Jai Hind.

it s good patriotic song
I love my INDIA ........

I like this song നന്ദി ഗീത് ഗംഗ

its to a good song.thankyou so much

Be Proud.....
We've a great culture nd heritage....
We have to protect it, JOIN IN RSS.. The Country needs you..

very beautiful song, jai bhaarath.

transliteration to English pavana bharathame...
pavana bharathame velka suramuni poojithame
rishimaha nrupathikal yogikal thyagikal... balidaanam cheytha desham
lokasughapadham swayamayothiya manava sukha desham velka pavana bharathame
pavana bharathame velka suramuni poojithame
jeevitha kusumam sadhana vediyil archanam cheytheedum hindu
srikeshava padham madhava dridavrutham sanghatana manthram dyeyam pavana bharathame
pavana bharathame velka suramuni poojithame

beautiful song....... i've selected the song for singing on independence day.. thank you so much!!!!

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