Ramayan ABCD

  • Title: Ramayan ABCD
  • Genre: Hinduism
  • Language: English
  • Length: 2:50 minutes (1.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ramayana Ramayana
Ramayana Ram

A is for Ayodhya, the kingdom which he ruled
B is for Bharata, who ruled in Rama's stead
C is for Chitrakoot, where Rama made his home
D is for Dasharatha, Rama's father

Ram Ram...

E is for Envy, Manthara poisoned Kaikeyi
F is for Fire, Sita proved her dharma
G is for Guha, receiving Rama in the forest
H is for Hanuman, discovering where Sita stayed

Ram Ram...

I is for Indrajit, who captured Hanuman
J is for Janaka, Sita's father
K is for Kaikeyi, whose plot banished Rama
L is for Lakshmana, who stood by Rama's side

Ram Ram...

M is for Manthara, who devised the wicked plot
N is for Nala, who built the bridge to Lanka
O is for Obedience, which makes this story work
P is for Pushpaka, the chariot of the Gods

Ram Ram...

Q is for Queen Kausalya, mother of Lord Rama
R is for Rama, avataar of Vishnu
S is for Sita, the ideal woman
T is for Tataka, the demon Rama killed

Ram Ram...

U is for Urmila, wife of Lakshman
V is for Valmiki, who wrote this Ramayan
W is for War, Ravana was killed
X is for example, which Rama set for us

Ram Ram...

Y is for Yama, the God of Death
Z is for Zzzzz, Kumbakarna's 6 month nap

Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ram Ram Ram Ram
Ramayana Ramayana
Ramayana Ram

My daughter Gargi loves it and with this song she always remembers Sri Vidhya aaka the original author and Singer of this song.

great work

boly makla patriotic song du meaning gotta

It's very.................very.....................good

Umm.... really alluring.... but sorry download is showing error. Anyway its a beautiful composition. I just want to grab it to my mobile.

this song is good for primaru children

I'ts really amazing to have Ramayana in this way .Children can remember the characters very easily and they will enjoy a lot.

This is excellant. This can be taught to the lower class students also. I will Popularise it.

I think this may be the first time Im listed first on anything alphabetical. The S in my surname usually puts me near the back of the aphabetical bus; but with Weinberger and Zittrains help, Im listed first. Cool. I also love the early-60s design and typeface.That title So Hows Utopia Working Out For Ya?

Great lyrics for kids to learn Ramayan!

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