Shura Vayam Dheera vayam-शूरा वयं धीरा वयं

  • Title: Shura Vayam Dhira Vayam
  • Genre: Other
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Length: 2:53 minutes (2.65 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

शूरा वयं धीरा वयं वीरा वयं सुतराम्‌।
गुणशालिनो बलशालिनो नयगामिनो नितराम्‌॥ध्रु॥

दृढमानसा गतलालसा प्रियसाहसा सततम्‌।
जनसेवका अतिभावुका शुभचिन्तका नियतम्‌॥१॥

धनकामना सुखवासना न च वन्चना हृदये।
ऊर्जस्वला वर्चस्वला अतिनिष्चला विजये॥२॥

गतभीतयो धृतनीतयो दृढशक्तयो निखिलाः।
यामो वयं समराङ्गणं विजयार्थिनो बाला॥३॥

जगदीश हे परमेश हे सकलेश हे भगवन्‌।
जयमङ्गलं परमोज्ज्वलं नो देहि हे भगवन्‌॥४॥

śūrā vayaṁ dhīrā vayaṁ vīrā vayaṁ sutarām |
guṇaśālino balaśālino nayagāmino nitarām ||dhru||

dṛḍhamānasā gatalālasā priyasāhasā satatam |
janasevakā atibhāvukā śubhacintakā niyatam ||1||

dhanakāmanā sukhavāsanā na ca vancanā hṛdaye |
ūrjasvalā varcasvalā atiniṣcalā vijaye ||2||

gatabhītayo dhṛtanītayo dṛḍhaśaktayo nikhilāḥ |
yāmo vayaṁ samarāṅgaṇaṁ vijayārthino bālā ||3||

jagadīśa he parameśa he sakaleśa he bhagavan |
jayamaṅgalaṁ paramojjvalaṁ no dehi he bhagavan ||4||

We are strong! We are courageous and very brave!
We possess noble virtues, are all powerful and always victorious!

We are strong willed; we have no selfish desires and have always been adventurous.
We are blessed with the mindset of serving people, are compassionate and well wishers of others.

We have no craving for wealth and worldly comforts. We are pure hearted; are energetic, influential and are always committed.

We are fearless, ethical and steadfast in our behavior. We are young and always aspire for victory while marching towards the battleground.

O Almighty Bhagwan, you are God of Gods and all powerful. Give us your blessings so that we attain the pinnacle of glory.


excellent song

What is the Raag?

Thank for putting it here.

Do you have a PDF doc for this ? Or, English rendering (itrans) which I can use to generate a PDF. Pls let me know.


Thanks for uploading this song -
Would it be possible for you to re-record this with less harmonium sound

Harmonium sounds louder than the voice itself

Nikhil Tambe

Thanks for sharing this.

Jai Guru Dev

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