Manasa Satatam Smaraniyam-मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम्

  • Title: Manasaa Satatam Smarniyam
  • Genre: Patriotic
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Length: 6:40 minutes (4.58 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम्
वचसा सततम् वदनीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥धृ॥

न भोग भवने रमणीयम्
न च सुख शयने शयनीयम्
अहर्निशम् जागरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥१॥

न जातु दुःखम् गणनीयम्
न च निज सौख्यम् मननीयम्
कार्य क्षेत्रे त्वरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥२॥

दुःख सागरे तरणीयम्
कष्ट पर्वते चरणीयम्
विपत्ति विपिने भ्रमणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥३॥

गहनारण्ये घनान्धकारे
बन्धु जना ये स्थिता गह्वरे
तत्र मया सन्चरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥४॥

English Transliteration:
manasā satatam smaraṇīyam
vacasā satatam vadanīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||dhṛ||

na bhoga bhavane ramaṇīyam
na ca sukha śayane śayanīyam
aharniśam jāgaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||1||

na jātu duaḥkham gaṇanīyam
na ca nija saukhyam mananīyam
kārya kṣetre tvaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||2||

duaḥkha sāgare taraṇīyam
kaṣṭa parvate caraṇīyam
vipatti vipine bhramaṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||3||

gahanāraṇye ghanāndhakāre
bandhu janā ye sthitā gahvare
tatra mayā sancaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||4||

Let us always remember,
Let us repeatedly speak out:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not focus on material pleasures
Nor lay in the lap of luxury;
Let us be awakened always that
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not enumerate our sorrows
Nor constantly reflect on our happiness
Let us step up to take action:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us sail over oceans of misery,
Let us scale mountains of difficulty.
While roaming through the jungle of adversity,
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Be it a dense forest of extreme darkness
Or surrounded by kith and kin
When we travel these paths,
Our duty remains - to do good to humanity.

Bastab main hamara sanskriti kita mahan....

I wanted to sing this song. Needed a karaoke version of this which I couldn't find on YouTube. Any help appreciated.

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Bandar ko adrak ka swad pata nahi chalta.
Kuan ka medhak dunia ko aisa hi kahata hai.

bahagvan sadbudhi den.

You are a mental ...If you are abusing Sanskrit you are abusing your family and parents....प्रभु आपकी की आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे।
ॐ शांति,शांति शांति

I want notation of this sing plz send me

I want lakshya na ozal song notes

no comments

jaytu Sanskritam

the song is really nice.......I want the lyrics of the song Sooryaha Udayam Gachhathi please email it to me as soon as possible...............

मम देशो भारतम् मम भाषा संस्कृतम्
जन्मभूमिरस्माकं भारतम् भारतम्

Please send Audio/Video for the above song

[email protected]

Ahut achha sir

Very nice...

Thank u very much.
God bless You.

I like it


very nice

I want more songs

I want more songs

Thank you ranbir sir

ati sobhaniyam

Very Good ... Very Nice... kubh Sundar....

सुमधुर पद्य रचना है!

मन में शांति का अनुभव हुआ बहूत अच्छा गी त है।

awesome song.thanks for the meaning.

it's wonderful song and i like 'the most'!

Not able to download song please if u can send me on my email. I want to listen everyday.

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