Manasa Satatam Smaraniyam-मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम्

  • Title: Manasaa Satatam Smarniyam
  • Genre: Patriotic
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Length: 6:40 minutes (4.58 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम्
वचसा सततम् वदनीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥धृ॥

न भोग भवने रमणीयम्
न च सुख शयने शयनीयम्
अहर्निशम् जागरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥१॥

न जातु दुःखम् गणनीयम्
न च निज सौख्यम् मननीयम्
कार्य क्षेत्रे त्वरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥२॥

दुःख सागरे तरणीयम्
कष्ट पर्वते चरणीयम्
विपत्ति विपिने भ्रमणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥३॥

गहनारण्ये घनान्धकारे
बन्धु जना ये स्थिता गह्वरे
तत्र मया सन्चरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥४॥

English Transliteration:
manasā satatam smaraṇīyam
vacasā satatam vadanīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||dhṛ||

na bhoga bhavane ramaṇīyam
na ca sukha śayane śayanīyam
aharniśam jāgaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||1||

na jātu duaḥkham gaṇanīyam
na ca nija saukhyam mananīyam
kārya kṣetre tvaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||2||

duaḥkha sāgare taraṇīyam
kaṣṭa parvate caraṇīyam
vipatti vipine bhramaṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||3||

gahanāraṇye ghanāndhakāre
bandhu janā ye sthitā gahvare
tatra mayā sancaraṇīyam
lokahitam mama karaṇīyam ||4||

Let us always remember,
Let us repeatedly speak out:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not focus on material pleasures
Nor lay in the lap of luxury;
Let us be awakened always that
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us not enumerate our sorrows
Nor constantly reflect on our happiness
Let us step up to take action:
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Let us sail over oceans of misery,
Let us scale mountains of difficulty.
While roaming through the jungle of adversity,
Our duty is to do good to humanity.

Be it a dense forest of extreme darkness
Or surrounded by kith and kin
When we travel these paths,
Our duty remains - to do good to humanity.

Very Meaningful song. everybody should do in their life.

JAY JAGANNATH , Nice Sanskrit song , or eisa nay nay gana Upload karenge to bahat accha ho ga

Most beautiful and inspiring song...It's like a Suprabhaatam for me!! A good day Beginner!

It is very good song and

loved the song

me to ;-)

Nice one, ........

how can i play this song as my mobile caller tune, ..?

I am happy after watching this

Sir, i want manasa satatam song fully, in this site not containing full song. kindly send me full song of this in mp3 format.


Can anyone post the details about the composer, lyric writer of this song? Such a lofty, humanistic ideal in simple words. Thank you for this song.

जय शिवाजी
श्रीजीत& रघु

i want to know about the lyricist

Thanks for the song availability

Downloaded song was not completed. Can you, please make a full song in the audio file.

pls add full song

the file didnot download completely,, the max downloading of the file is occur near about 424kb or 1:12 duration.

even tried so many times to download this song. unable to download. please help

This is one of the very finest songs I have ever heard in sanskrit

good collection

I want the meaning of this geet.Where can I find?

i want the lyrics

I could see part of the lyrics (I think except the last charan )

this is one of the songs i can never forget..its been 15 years n over now since i used to recite dis at my school prayers..

god bless u good collection

can you send me the lyrics for manasa satatam

ये गाना सुनके हमारा मन देशभक्ति का आसमान तक पहुंजुगाया

जय शिवाजी
श्रीजीत& रघु

can any one post the lyrics and meaning of
Manasa satatam smaraneeyam?

Did you ever get the meaning? If so, please share.

lyrics can be found here -

ati uttamam. sahitya aur sangeet, dono bhi.
Raag: Valachi, Durga, Sindhubhairavi, Darbari Kaanada, Desh

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