Website Plan

Plan for the website
* Put up all the Sangh Geets Online
* No limit on geet language
* Include Lyrics of Geet in geet's language
* Transliteration in English
* Meaning in English

We need help with:
* Collecting all the Sangh Geets
* Editing existing geet audio to remove noise and clicks
* Transcribing Geet in the local language using Unicode format

Leave a comment with your contact information ... if you can help us out.

u r doing a very good work in putting all these wonderful songs in this website.we r proud

it's a wonderful site speciely for the music teachers who need more songs in all the languages. keep it up

I have patriotic songs to share with you I want to know how to upload them please let me know how to do

mr. maruti ji plz send me some patriotic songs u have in kannada.

Hi m harish n wanna download vidyananda shenoy's bharatha dharshana aution n thier upanyasa so pls tel me whr can i get it if nybody knows

U can download Vidyananda shenoy's Bharatha Darshana (kannada) from this link.

if u face any problems contact: [email protected]

i will give u bharatha darshana in kannada.

mail me .

[email protected]

abhinandan he maun tapaswi... keep going..

Please Tell me were i can download Bharata Darshana In kannada please mail me

I am a swayamsevak from Tiruchirappalli in Tamilnadu. I have the lyrics of many Tamil songs. Please mail me as to how to upload them. I can also sing some of the songs in other languages.

Hari Ohm,

You are swyamsevak is it? Then you can contact you can contact Sangha chalak who is the owner of OM MEDICALS. He will guide you
for uploading the Tamil Sangha Songs as well as audio part also. Before that you visit Tamil Songs uploaded in this


I am Swayamseval from Bloominggton IL USA

a very fabulous effort. please keep it going..

jai maa bharti , jai abhinav bharat

This is a very excellent website. Best of luck for ur team , who make this wesite. Jai Shree Ram.

Jai sri ram....
Great job by sangh......
These songs (particularly KANNADA) gave us motivation.. Me working in a saudi arabia which all hindus are become a minority and discriminated by the indian muslims. The song GELU DANIYU GUDUGUDUGI inspired me to gather all hindus in this country.Here in this country we are very few but these songs are created us feeling of unity in hindus irrespective of caste and state.We have taken promise to work for the hinduthva.We all will be greatfull to you.
Keep doing it.Also my request to u guys kindly update all kannada songs.

Thank u very much
Thanks a lot
Mysore/Kingdom of saudi arabia.

Jai shri Ram....! where i can download the Bharatha Darshana Upanyasa MP3 of Sri Vidyananda Shenoyji. Please send the link to My ID.. [email protected]

Kindly anyone tell me from where i download the Bharatha Darshana Upanyasa MP3 of Sri Vidyananda Shenoyji

Koti Koti Dhanyawad.

You people did a good job. I would like heartly appreciate your work. I will tell about this sites in my Jai Hind Group.

Vande Mataram.
Ramesh Nichit

A Great Attempt!!!
Please keep it going !!!

This is Really good thing for our country
jai hindu rashtra

Gaurav sharma

I am a more than 45 years, second year OTC trained swayamsevak with present responsiblitiy of sanghachalak chamundeswari upanagar in Mysore. Indeed moved by your work and now has become a daily browsing site.
I am a singer and once I acclamatised the procedure to contribute i will do and incase of possibility transfer of aaudio file I will sing and send for needful. I can even CD Kannada files for you to include. Please have contact with Rsshtrothana Sahithya Bangalore poineers in bringing audio of sangh geet and Bharatha darshasna a great upanyasa by late VIDYANANDA SHENOY in CD mode.
Thanks for opportunity
let me wish god speed in your work.

aapki rashtrya bhakti o hamara salaam
rashtrya dhun ko ek dhaage mein pirone ka kaam kiya

Very Nice work..appreciate it!


By profession I am software engineer, I can help in the development of the site. I have been working in web technologies for almost 8 years.

Thanks and Regards,


I would be happy to convert the lyrics to hindi unicode. I see that hindi song lyrics are written in english, if you want I can convert them to hindi unicode.

Rohit Jain

Love, serve, meidtate and realize.

om nmah shivaya.

with love and light: Brahma Gyani Sant Swamiji Atmanandji

Namasthe : Tremendous work done by the Team. Very inspiring.

Bharat mata ki jay.

This is fulfillment of a long cherished desire.I am really thankful, nay grateful, to the swayamsevak bandhu who has e-mailed this to me. Most of these songs are being sung in the Sangh Shakhas for years. Literally millions sing them daily so they are the true folk songs (lok geet) of India. Their absence from the Internet was painful. May the Mother Eternal the great Bharatmata bless all those who conceived and executed this wonderful project. BHARAT MATA KI JAI

namaskar all, gr8 work u r doing. I'm impressed. u can take my services, support and asssistance any time for the nation.
Keep in touch... [email protected]
Jai Bharat ma, Jai Hind, Jai swami vivekanand

namaste wonderfull collection of old songs keep it up,i am proud of it jai hind

Wonderful work,
I would like to contribute in any way I can. Please tell me what is the kind of support you need. I am a journalist by profession and based in Bangalore.

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