Website Plan

Plan for the website
* Put up all the Sangh Geets Online
* No limit on geet language
* Include Lyrics of Geet in geet's language
* Transliteration in English
* Meaning in English

We need help with:
* Collecting all the Sangh Geets
* Editing existing geet audio to remove noise and clicks
* Transcribing Geet in the local language using Unicode format

Leave a comment with your contact information ... if you can help us out.

It is an excellent work. I will heartly appreciate your team work. I am having lots of sangha geet of kannada, sanskrit... please tell me how to upload these songs and involve me also in this great work.

This is undoubtly an execellent effort to make all swayamsevaks spread all over the world feel at home by
listeninbg this sangh geets. Great!!!!!!!!

This is really a very good effort.
I have just circulated information about this website among my friends. We all should try to publicize this website, so that more and more users will get the Geets they wanted to listen to, but were unavailable earlier.

Jai Hind!


Our Orkut team of RSS group is also working for making this website a popular one.


mai jalgaon Maharashtra se Electronics Industry se hu..

website dekh kar bahut anand hua..
sabhi swayamsevak bandhu jo es ke liye jute hai sabhi ka hardik abhinandan

maine website plan dekha..
mai kisi tarah se local sangh geet (marathi/ anya ..) jutane tatha anya kisi kam me aa saku to harsh hoga..

Eshwar se baki sab kshem apeksha karta hu

apaka snehi

very nice site
doing a good job

I am working in IT industry in Bangalore. Tell me If I can be of any help.

A swayamsevak

Jai Hind

My hearty congratulations. you have done a fantastic job. Am from singapore we have downloaded some songs and presenting it in our Guruji Janmashadabdi in Singapore.Its really helpful

Do we have sang work in Singapore?

yes we do have sangh work in Singapore

jai hindu rashtra
am proud to be a hindu.all the songs are very inspiring.but some are poor in their audio quality.

namathe..i hav some malayalam geets can i upload to ..dis.....plz inform me through mail....

I have some Tamil songs
I have some sanga songs in tamil.
How can I upload them to you.. Kindly imform me through mail.

Thoothukudi. Tamilnadu

I have a lot of sangha geet with me
Let me know how to upload?

Namaskar all.. i am sheshu from hyderabad. i am honored tobe a part of hindurastra.. i have vivekanands original speech but its 80 MB. if any one tell me how to upload then i will do it for all hindu bandhus

I am A swayamsevak in Nashik,Maharastra my Mobile No 9881475274 I will be helpful to u in collecting Audio files of Sangha geet in marathi and Hindi pls let me know how can i do this

Your teams dedication towards this particular task is wonderful and something inspiration for others.



I am swayamsevak and presently working in abvp.i love sangha geet.i may not contribute to develop this web site but will use it .Excellent task,very useful.

This is wonderful collection of sangh geet. SOme CD are also available in MP3 format. Hopefully the same may be available with you. These are available in most of Karyalayas.Lownloadable list should be provided in order to download all the geet on each language together instead of selecting individual geet.

Sadar namaskar



sangha shakti ughe ughe

Great work brothers. "sangh badhta ja rahaaa"!

I can help in removing noise if someone has recorded from tape. You can mail me the song.

I am a swaymsevak from UK and very glad to find our geets on the website. I will give a lot of pleasure to s'sevaks around the world. well done.

"Hindu sara ekmantra haa dahi dishanna ghoomvoo ya"

this should be our task and vision in this coming centuries.

not only Pramoting Hindu "SANSKRUTI" but as as making HINDUSTAN more powerful and selfdependent.

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