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I need some jayaghosh in Hindi and Telugu .. pl help.. dhanyavadh

as per my advice Ap humanity k lie kro jo b acha ho.

Awsum website.. . School days ki yaad aa gayi..

Unable to download a audio files - i want them badly some of patriotic songs

Hello Dear, Can you Please help me with the lyrics ; Yugo Yugo se jaise chamke suraj chand sitare,, Please i will really be thankful for that,

How to send you audio of any geet which I have? There is no option to upload audio.

I cant download the Mp3 files completely.. want to download the whole file in Malayalam & Sanskrit ... Pls do the needful

How to listen to songs after downloading it.

Liked it......................................

I will really appreciate if you can put the bhajan " yogon yugon se chamke jaise suraj chaand sitaare" by Anoop Jalota, online. Thanks.

Very Grate, thanks to" GEET GANGA" for all Patritic songs ....

This is a site everyone should browse instead of social sites.......


Wow...Gr8 site...didnt know there was such a nice website.....very nice patriotic songs...Jai Hind......

hari om

i want to hear the bharat darshan of Sri. vidyanand shenoy. how i can proceed. kindly guide me


Wonderful! Inspiring! Keep up the good work, I just made a small seva too. Dhanyavaad. Jai Bharat, Jain Hind!

दीपावली और नव-वर्ष आपके लिए शांति एवं उन्नति का सन्देश लाये!
दीपावली और नव-वर्ष आपके जीवन में खुशियों में डूबे पल लाये!!
प्रगति पथ पर अग्रसर आपके कदमो को सफलता के शिखर पर पहुचाये!
इश्वर से हमारी यही प्रार्थना है!
दीपावली और नव-वर्ष का नव प्रभात लाये खुशियों की सौगात
इच्छा,आशा से परिपूर्ण एवं खुशियों से भरा हो यह आपका दीपावली और नव-वर्ष!!
शुभकामनाओ सहित:-
आपका; मनीष कुमार ताम्रकार

दीपावली शुभाशयाः|

I am very fond of Hind Desh ki Niwasi Sabhi Jan ek hai

thank u for creating such a exciting site.

dera Hindu brethen,
i am really very much impressed by the hard work undertaken by you folks,a very applaudable effort indeed & i pray to the Almighty God to bring you all success in your endeavours through out your life.
God bless you day our dream the whole world shall bow thier heads to & the day is not far off we shall see this in our own life times.
hardeep singh gurwara( a true Hindu by birth)

Please make another category as "songs without music" because everywhere we can not practice or sing with music. so please upload the songs without music

Is the speech of swami viekananda is real

Gr8! I am speechless. Never knew that such a good website even existed. One can download any kind of GEET-SANGEET from here. Excellent! Keep up the good Work.
Dhwajah Pranaam.
Jai Hind!!!

ilove geet woh mere liye geet nahi guria hai
by the way i am 10 years old and i love u so much will u marry me?
and will u give maan for my sister

i love maan.u r my prince charming

good site.. thanks....... you solve my problem

I need marwari wedding songs for haldan , mehndi..

Vande Mataram,
I very inspired by Swatantryaveer Savarkar, by his seshbhakti, work, & his sacrifice. i really want to do something to reach his work into the people
i Really Proud him, He is an Greatest Maharashtrian and real nationalist indian.
hats off.


Great Initiative. This is great resource for good songs.

(JAYATU HINDURASHTRAM) I am very thankful of this website.I was searching this songs since from last 5 years.Now am feeling so much proudful because now i can show to all my friends that what great a NATIONALISM R.S.S is hanving............

do any one have audio version of "BANAYENGE MANDIR" where can i get on internet(website)

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