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This is a very nice site, I would like to share a couple of songs with you therefore, you will have to go to the following web address.
Here you will get the following songs...
1.) Nayaan ne bandh rakhine [Gujarati]
2.) Raakh na ramakda [Gujarati]& more...
And some patrotic songs also. Go to the following link
Thank you.

I was very happy to find the song 'ae mere vatan ke logo' on this site, I have been trying to download this song for my daughter.
Thank you for helping similar minded eprsons with such assistance.

Namaskar !!
This is really great site.........
This is very 'SPHOORTIDAYIKA' for not only for swayamsevaks but also to every patriotic HINDUSTHAANI.

It is indeed a great site. The collection of patriotic songs especially is very nice.However instead of only offering playback the site should also offer downloading of the songs.

Chander shekhar

Site already has facility to download any song.


I had seen this siteand I really appreciate this web site and efforts also.
Greate job done.
********JAI HIND- VANDE MATARAM********

Namaste Chander Shekharji
(your not the one from Banglore by any chance? I'm S'sevak from UK)

You can download the songs. If you look on the home page it allows you to download the song and save to hard drive.
It gives Geet name, Language, Genre of song and then allows you to download. Do not click on the song title but the words on the right hand side


Very useful site and I would also like to give encouragement to our sevaks who are keeping this site running.
It is possible to have lyrics/meaing/transliteration also?
Vishwa Dharma Ki Jai

Excellent collection no dobt. What is lacking is " Patriotism"? I hope people who visit this site will get some inspiration !

Do you have a song which I used to listen as a child "असु आम्ही सूखाने पथ्थर पायाितल आम्हास नको....."

Dr. Madhukar Ambekar.

Great website.
Can you upload Chanakya songs? I got a CD called Rashtra Chetana from Karnavati VSS in 2005 and the Chankya songs are absolutely stunning. I wish they could be shared globally.

If possible send the audio files and we will upload the songs on this site.

really a gr8 work
i was searching for these songs since many days
thank u

Online playing is having some Problem

I think playing geet onling is having some problem. when i click on play it is saying "Open file error"


Nandish Ji,

Please try again. It might have been a temporary problem. All the playing works for me as of now. Let me know if you still have problem.

Still i have problem on Online playing. Please let me know if need to do any configuration

Great efforts..keep it up.
I will see that this site is known by all my freinds.


Bahut Bahut dhanyvad !!

Aapne bahut upkar ka kary kiya hai...koti koti pranam aap sab ko.

I liked it very much . it is helpfuul to every sanghswayemsevaks to view and here this kind of songs... good work brothers

This is a very good web site. I ejoy your songs every day. Job well done.

quality can be improved. almost all songs have lot of noise. Either it was recorded with cheap instrument or high compression.

Geetganga is really good website & nice to see same.
I would like to visit this website each & every day.
If possible pl include Ghosh Rachan also to this web



You can get ghosh rachnas from website under Resources.

Fantastic Job!!!

Keep it going...



What is difference between Patriotic and Hinduzum songs , No need seperate catagary for both , this are same.

Rastriyata is base of Hinduzum.

With great prayer and regards,

i agree.... patriotism is based on hinduism..

Absloutely wrong!!
Patriotism is not based on hinduism. Our patrotic leadres did not fight the british to for India to become a hindu country, but to become indipendent, united & relf reliant. We got independence because people from all religions, cast, creed, sects came to gather and foght. Always remember


This is the wonderful site for getting the geet's. i just request your team to upload all the songs..

I personally request, if u have the below song from kannada to upload

haradiru mana kadalache.


This is a an excellent site for Patriotic songs. There are quite a few more songs that could be added to this. Let us put it and make the Geet Ganga flow vibrantly.

Kartheek N S

Namaste, This is very commendable effort to put all the great geet categorized and hosted in one place. Certainly appreciate if lyrics are also added.

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