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Jay Hinde Jay Bharte

All greetings! I have fallen in love today:)))))
I wish to shout about love to all world ! :)
Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

Hi all!


Very good attempt to bring patriotic songs on the world platform. It would be great if you can put up lyrics alongwith. By the way, if you want to hear desh-bhakti songs check this out. Its a Gujarati site. (most popular hindi patriotic songs -audio)

u r motive is nice but i wanted an very important and uncommon song 4r the competetion ... 'hai matru bhoomi teri.. charno me shir navaoo'. and 'jai jai maharastra majha'.........

hello all of you,

its nice to see such beautiful site meant for hindustan .

i have no words for you.
i am such happy that i wiill tell to other people also abt same.

keep it up!


neeraj rathod

From. Dr. Siraj K. Vahora
K.V.No.1, Sector-30,

Phenominal!!! This is a brilliant site.
No word to say JUST GREAT!!
Thanks for giving me the sweet memories of my childhood!!

Vasudha Hamari Maa Hai --- i want the lyrics of this song plzzzzzzzzz!

I am seaching a non-filmi petriotic song "Aaj Gagan ke Vatayan se Jhank rahi hai Bharti, kahti utho desh ke veeron dharti dumhe pukarti".

I you can arrange, I will be obliged.



Great effort. I congratulate the team behind this work.

I have few suggestions. Can you please add the following features:

i. Play lists - ability to create a play list and add/modify the list of songs in it. Ability to download all the songs in a play list in single click.
ii. A shopping cart to which I can add few songs and down load all of them in single attempt rather than downloading each one of them. A check box next to the song also might help, but since we have too many pages to view, shopping cart will be a better approach
iii. In both the above download options, have an option to download the text also in the script of choice (English/Hindi script etc.)



Really awesome!!! ....VERY GOOD.....

i will rate it 10/10


It is a very good website and I really appreciate this team for making such a fantastic website.

Jai Hind
Jai Hindu

jai Hind

Jai hind..
Its a very good website giving a great service to Indians n Hinduism. Please keep up.
vishal kuamr upadhyay
saraswati vidya mandir,sirka

Simply Great.

dear sir
have a nice day!

I would like to congratulate u on behalf my friend and our institution for ur great job.Really, its a wonderful site.Actally, i was already in search of a site from where i can download these type of songs.But i could not sucess.Today, my friend told me about this site.I checked it, and downloaded a song, which is now running successfully.

Best wishes


HINDU NABA BARSA can u avail for ecards of HINDU NABA BARSA fill with rastriya bhavna n spiritualism

Do you consider negative feedback as a opportunity of betterment?
Can anybody take up the improvemt in songs based on some of the review comments we may recieve?



I need the song "Jaha ram ne janam liya hum mandir wahi banayenge"
add this song

Please add the song titled "Chahiye Ashish Madhav" .


Phenominal!!! This is a brilliant site.

Thanx for hosting such a wonderful site......

Please help me locate song..."yugo yugo se chamke jaise suraj chand sitare...." or if you have audio version..would appreciate deeply...

May uppar wala really bless your soul.


I also tried to locate this song, but cant find it anywhere. Did you find it? If this is the case, can you give me a link or something?

Thanks in advance.

R. Babber

Jai hind..
Its a very good website giving a great service to Indians n Hinduism. Please keep up.
I also want to request you to add some more patriotic songs ekal geet and samoohik geet of RSS program .
sandeep kumar shrma

vande matram managers of thissite must b congratulated for such a great ,patriotic efoort. they must have taken hard efforts to complete such a great collection,but there r some suggestions ,some of the geets e.g. jayostute ,veersavarkar ,lyrics r missing from the text given below .This has to b ractified hope this would bdone soon.Once again all the best for ur efforts.


Its a brilliant work. Its like a boon especially to people (swayamsevaks) like us who are staying away from Bharath.


This is a wonderful site..grt work guys..found most of the songs i wanted...keep up the good work.

this is very nice endeavor, however most of the songs are sung by ladies and the main tone and rhythm is also changed. These songs usually sung in sakha and sishu mandir in different tone and rhythm, they are relatively more enthusiastic and raise the zeal of patriotism more effectively.

Finally, I got the Ganageethams in MP3. Now it is very clear.
Good work done. Thanks, Chandran, Dubai

This reaily a good site

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