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Good work Guys!!!! I see this as new generation Hindutva website....
You should use Google ADSense and get some revenue off it....Why haven't u done that

Good Suggestion :)

Great website for Patriotic songs and other old gems.


संकेतस्थळ पाहून खूप आनंद झाला.
अनेक गाणी ऐकता आली.
आम्ही पुत्र अमृताचे सारखी कठीण गीते मिळाली.
पुढील कार्यासाठी शुभेच्छा

It's great Effort.
Actually I was looking for RSS Prarthna.
I got some more songs which recalled my Childhood. During my early schooling we use to sing the songs like "Chandan hai is desh ki mati" daily.
No word to say JUST GREAT!!
Thanks for giving me the sweet memories of my childhood!!

its great work

Great site. Thanks.

I was checking for Sanskrit song "Manasaa Satatam Smarneeyam", title of the song is listed but while playing, it plays a different song "Bane_ham_dharma_ke_yogi.mp3". Please correct it with right song.



Yesterday I downloaded PRARTHANA and heard it. But the first word NAMASTHE is not clearly audible in the file. This gives an incomplete feeling. So is it possible to provide another file of the PRARTHANA.

can you please mail me 'Namaskarippu Bharathamagaya'


can you send me "Sankhashtakam"


Very good website, good service by providing mp3 versions of patriotic songs.
Small request, the download link of song "manasaa satatam smaraneeyam" is a different song. Please check and correct it.

This is a very interesting site
Pls try to add devotional photos also

Bahut achchhee koshish RSS ki
man prasanna ho gaya hum sabhi apke sath he

Sabhi swayamsewak bandhuo ko is anupam prayas ke liye anek dhanyawad, kripya path sanchalan me bajne wala ghosh sheeghratishreegh upload karne ki krip kare.


This is a Wonderful Site. I am sending some of these songs to the public through my Yahoogroups

really a good site! and effort to wake the whole nation.

please send me the song which used to sung in schools..-HIND DESH KE NIWASI SABHI JAN EK HAIN.RANG ROOP VESH BHASHA SARE ANEK HAIN..........i really need it ..plz give it ..i would be very much greatful to him...

really aap logon ne bahut accha kam kiya hai...humen apne desh se bahut pyar hai and from my childhood only i was in search for such songs but i couldnot get such nice collection anywhere...thanks very much..hum bhi pura kosish karenge apna yogdan dene ke liye.....

Namasthe...............alot of thanks for giving the opportunity to download this much of sngh geeth

I was looking for petriotic songs to download and add into my music library and I found all those on your site. I am verymuch thankful to geetganga for providing such a beautiful collection.

Jai Hind


There is no doubt that this web site is very good.

I have been using this web site to listen to the Geet of my choice and it quite impressive. It was also helpful for us in choosing the Monthly Geet for our IT Milans at Hyderabad.

I have few suggestions which are not High priority though it will give more convenience to the people who use this web site.

1. Creation of Play List.
2. Allowing people to create their own XSPF Play List. With which we can use web based XSPF players and listen to our own interested list. Instead of downloading them to the pc.
3. We also need to request people to upload more and more songs from their respective languages. It can only be done if we have personal/individual touch rather than a web site request.


This is a great service to Hindus and Hindusthan by putting inspiring songs.
Irequest you to remove a song by Iqbal called Sare Jahan se Acha because it is so hurting to see the name of Iqbal who betrayed Bharat Mata and was the main instument for the division of India.
Can't we do without this one song? Don' T WE HAVE BETTER SONG THAN THIS? Can't we write better song than this.
When Ihear this song it looks that Iam on fire.

Brilliant work, great that you have brought these songs together, not just the movie songs. I was actually looking for some songs that i used to hear on the radio between 1975 to 1980, they were simple songs sung by children, and i cannot remember them. hopefully i will find some in browsing your song list. Kadam kadam ... was one??

This is an awesome site

This is a very nice site.


Thank you very much.
Nau Nihal Singh

Thank you very much.Very Great site.Keep it up.Again Thanks.


thanks for the song. I have just downloaded it.
Its the most touching patriotic song.

Inspiration : celebrate Independence Day in TEMPLE
ALSO in our Temples/mosque/church/gurudwara.Please think for that ..As Why do we celebrate different festival ..and say again for Independence day.
Have feeling that Independence day is super set for all festivals.This can only unit all relegion and prove the religion of Humanity.
We as seculiar citizen started droping our relegion inspite of accepting and repecting others too.
Simple example : Plan was to draw a OM inside Bharat'..people said no we should not this will show that its hindu ...see this way we hindu think and DROP OM ..So what should we do ?
We wont need to fight BUT We can ask ..Dont DROP OM but lets bring others also IN ..and we can have OM CROSS ALLAH..OR we can have JAN SAMOH WITH MASHAL...

too good...plz keep up the work...
i cant tell u how touched i am when i hear these songs

Jai hind..
Its a very good website giving a great service to Indians n Hinduism. Please keep up.
I also want to request you to add some more patriotic songs like songs of manoj kumar movies.
Thanking you,
Rajan Dhawan

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